What Are Ben Wa Balls?


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Ben Wa balls are known by many names, including:

  • Benwa balls
  • Ben Wah balls
  • Burmese balls
  • Venus balls
  • Geisha balls
  • Kegel balls
  • And many more…

Ok, so they have a lot of names, but what are ben wa balls?!?

They’re small balls that can range in size from small marble-sized balls to 2 or more inches in diameter. They’re often made of metal so they are naturally weighted and easy to clean, but can also be found commonly with a variety of silicone coatings.

Surgical grade stainless steel Ben Wa balls are made with the finest metal giving them a superior smooth silky finish.

Metal Ben Wa balls can be easily cleaned with soap and water or alcohol. Balls with a string have their benefits, but the ease with which these can be cleaned is a strong positive.

They’re great for kegel exercises which will cause vaginal tightening and improve sexual performance and bladder control.

What are they used for?

Beyond pleasure, the use of Ben Wa balls as a kegel exerciser is commonly recommended as a way to tighten the vaginal muscles and strengthen the pelvic floor which can not only increase sexual pleasure and performance but also improve bladder control.

Many women know the frustration in dealing with bladder control as they age or after having a baby. It can be relatively minor, such as when coughing or sneezing, but even so it can be a headache. Bladder control can be improved by strengthening the vaginal and pelvic muscles.

Surgical Steel, Glass, Silicone, and Plastic

Ben Wa balls come in many varieties and are made from many materials.

Metal Ben Wa Balls

Surgical Steel and other metals are naturally weighted so they are well suited as kegel balls. They can also be very smooth and comfortable. It’s also worth mentioning that they’re the easiest to clean, you can easily wash them with warm or hot water and soap, you could even boil them if you were so inclined, though that might be a bit overboard for most.

Glass Ben Wa Balls

In a lot of ways the glass Ben Wa balls are similar in nature to the metal balls, glass is also very smooth of course. Glass balls are often larger than the metal ones though to make up for the lower weight. Glass balls are also relatively easy to clean.

Silicone Ben Wa Balls

Ben Wa balls attached by a nylon or silicone string are often coated in silicone, these can offer a bit of a softer material that can be squeezed for a kegel exerciser. These can be the most painful to wash however, keep that in mind when making your choice.

Which kind should I get?

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That totally depends on what your goals are, of course; each person has their own personal style. Browse the site and read about some of the different options available in the marketplace, chances are you’ll know which one is right for you pretty quickly.

What are Duotone balls anyway?

Duotone balls are a type of Ben Wa ball that’s hollow and typically made of plastic (sometimes coated) with a smaller ball inside of it. Motion causes the smaller ball to move around creating subtle vibrations that can be very arousing. They’re generally bigger than metal or glass Ben Wa balls.

To String Or Not To String?

There are advantages and disadvantages to getting Ben Wa balls with a string that may not be immediately obvious.

The most obvious benefit of getting them with a string, also referred to as a retrieval cord, is that it makes it easier to remove them. Another nice feature is that you can tug on the string to increase stimulation.

The main disadvantage to having the string is that it makes it much more difficult to clean the balls after use.

Do I really have to worry about… you know

No, there’s nowhere the balls can go into other parts of your body from your vagina. If you’re using the traditional style balls without the string don’t panic if you have a little trouble getting a Ben Wa ball to come out. You can try coughing, bearing down, standing up and walking about, jumping up and down, or adding more lubrication. I always get a chuckle out of the sites that recommend sneezing as a way to get them out but if by some chance you find it easier to sneeze on demand rather than simply fake cough by all means, go for it.

If you’re still worried about it, for the sake of your peace and mind get a set that’s attached with a string. There’s nothing worse than finding yourself stressing about something you’re supposed to be enjoying, in this case, you don’t have to worry about it, there are plenty of options both with and without the string.

Remember, if you have any unusual conditions or have any questions you should ask your Doctor before using Ben Wa or Kegel balls.

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