The 5 Best Vibrating Ben Wa Balls


Vibrating ben wa balls are designed to be inserted into your vagina when you want to experience more intense clitoral stimulation. Others vibrate the entire area of your vaginal canal, giving you a “full” feeling that is often described as pleasurable or satisfying. If you’re looking for something new to try with your partner or on your own time- Vibrating Ben Wa Balls may be what you need!

When you’re looking for vibrating ben wa balls, it can be hard to figure out where to start. There are so many different kinds of vibrating ben wa balls on the market that it’s easy to get lost in the process of finding one that is perfect for you. This post puts together a list of the five best vibrating ben wa balls you can buy today to make things easier for you.

The 5 Best Vibrating Ben Wa Balls

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Top Chi 1 lb. 1.5 Inch Solid Stainless Steel Baoding Balls with Carry Pouch. Non-Chiming Chinese Health Balls for Hand Therapy, Exercise, and Stress Relief
  • Solid steel balls provide an increased heavyweight resistance for working out your hands and fingers. 1 lb. weight is not too light and not too heavy for casual use that you can take with you to exercise whenever you have spare time
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RCSTONE 1.57 inch Rose Quartz Baoding Balls, Pink Crystal Health Stress Exercise Balls for Stress Relief, Exercise, Natural Quartz Sphere Gemstone Handball with Carry Pouch (Box-Packed) M16
  • ♛ 【THE HEALTH BENEFITS 】: Meditation Balls are aesthetically pleasing, great for stress or anxiety, eye hand coordination and hand therapy. Increase the strength and flexibility in hands,wrist and fingers
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BRABUD 1.4"Marble Green Baoding Balls Chinese Health Exercise Massage Balls Stress Relieve Hand Exercise BS023
  • PRODUCT ATTRIBUTES — Box Specifications:3.4X2.4X1.8in. Including: 2 balls (One pair),Product Size: Each ball height (about) 1.57in, total (about) weight: 0.4 lb.>Including: 2 balls (One pair),Product Size: Each ball height (about) 3.5cm, total (about) weight: 180g.

A Closer Look

1. The AL’OFA Ben Wa Ball Kegel Balls

AL'OFA Ben Wa Ball Kegel Balls

AL’OFA vibrating ben wa balls are a great way to improve bladder control and pelvic floor exercises. AL’OFA is doctor recommended for beginners and advanced users who want to achieve better bladder control, more robust pelvic floors, more intense orgasms, and satisfying sex life. These Kegel Balls will not only tighten your pelvic floor but give you pleasure as well.

The AL’OFA Ben Wa Balls come in a variety of sizes. The set includes one pair of large, medium, and small vibrating balls. They vibrate for 20 minutes straight with the push of a button. The AL’OFA Kegel Balls are made of waterproof silicone that is hypoallergenic, BPA-free, 100% IPX6 waterproof, and easier to clean. It has ten modes, with a rechargeable silicone remote control. You can easily choose the model that suits you and your preferences. Its remote control distance is 10M, which makes the whole exercise process easy and fun.

The Kegel ball and remote control are both IPX7 waterproof. It can be washed in water, very convenient to use. Ben Wa Balls can be inserted into your vagina and left in place while you go about your day. The weight of the ball will produce a gentle “jiggling” motion that will stimulate the muscles of your vagina, leading to stronger orgasms and enhanced sexual pleasure for both you and your partner!


  • The vibrating design provides extra stimulation during the use
  • It comes with ten different vibrational settings
  • Made of body-safe silicone material
  • They improve blood flow


  • They may cause discomfort if not inserted properly

2. The YOSPOSS Ben Wa Balls Kit

Do you want to improve your sexual pleasure or strengthen your pelvic floor muscles? The vibrating ben wa balls kit by YOSPOSS is the right product for you. It includes a vibrating remote control, three pairs of high-grade silicone vibrating balls with different weights, and an e-book with instructions on using the product.

This vibrating ben wa balls kit will make your orgasms even more intense- the kit is everything you need to spice things up in the bedroom. Its ten vibrational patterns and three speeds ensure you never have to worry about getting bored with it!

It also comes with a remote that can be used by your partner or yourself for some hands-free fun! You can use it during intercourse to give your partner an extra thrill (and added sensation). Another thing, this vibrating kegel ben wa balls kit would make a perfect gift idea for any woman who wants to improve her sex life.


  • It offers a personalized touch
  • Works well as a progressive training system for all level users
  • Operates discreetly & quiet with no buzzing
  • Heavier beads – for more advanced users
  • Lighter beads – perfect for beginners
  • Easy, safe removal


  • The instructions are a bit cluttered and hard to read.

3. The MAN NUO Kegel Balls Ben Wa Balls

MAN NUO Kegel Balls are vibrating Ben Wa Balls that provide you with a variety of progressive weights. They can help you quickly return to youthful beauty! For beginners, MAN NUO Kegel Balls offer vibrating Ben Wa balls to use and become comfortable with the sensation. If they want a medium weight, they should choose the vibrating ball set with two weights (1 heavier). There is also a vibrating ball set that offers three different weights (2 lighter) for advanced users.

MAN NUO Kegel Balls Ben Wa Balls are made of medical-grade silicone, safe for most people. A string connects the balls to make them easier to use and control during your pelvic floor exercise routine. The balls are not too heavy, but just right so that you can feel the effort in your muscles when doing kegel exercises. It is recommended that you start with one ball and gradually move up to two or three as you get stronger.

The different weights will also help you mark your progress as you move up to heavier weights. These exercise balls can help you get stronger pelvic muscles by doing regular exercises. After 1-2 months, you’ll have firmer & tighter pelvic muscles.


  • Promotes Pelvic Floor Health
  • Strengthens and Tightens Weak pelvic muscles
  • Can be used as weight markers for progression throughout exercises
  • Important for everyone, not just new mothers


  • Can be kind of noisy

4. MELO Kegel Ben Wa Balls

The next product on the list is the MAN NUO Kegel Balls kit that consists of vibrating Ben Wa balls with different progressive weights for beginners to advanced users. It includes two vibrating balls that offer you more options when using them- one is heavier than the other, and both have great features. They are also easy to clean and made with medical-grade silicone, making them safe and comfortable.

MELO Kegel Ben Wa Balls are designed for women who want to tone up their pelvic floor muscles. MELO Kegel is also effective in toning the vaginal walls, tightening and lifting the vagina, enhancing orgasmic sensations, and intensifying sexual pleasure.

Besides that, this kit is perfect for anyone who wants to experience something new during sex or masturbation! You can also use them by yourself, which will help strengthen your pelvic floor muscles after childbirth, pregnancy or if you’re an older woman experiencing incontinence problems.


  • 12 different modes
  • Doctors recommend for incontinence and weak pelvic floor muscles
  • It’s an ergonomic design that makes insertion easy
  • Great if recovering from childbirth
  • Fast and discreet shipping


  • It takes a longer to get decent pleasure

5. The CHEVEN 2 in 1 Kegel Ben Wa Balls Kit

Lastly, there is CHEVEN 2 in 1 Kegel Ben Wa Balls Kit designed to help with bladder control and other issues related to the pelvic floor muscles. The kit includes wireless remote, rechargeable vibrating balls, and a carrying case. The CHEVEN vibrating Ben Wa Balls are made from silicone rubber, making them non-toxic and hypoallergenic so that any woman can use them at any age.

They have been designed to help tighten the vagina for better sexual pleasure and increase sensation during sex. You can use these vibrating balls anywhere you want, even when traveling because it’s waterproof! It uses a wireless remote control massager that’s rechargeable and waterproof, so you will always have fun with these vibrators. Cheven 2 in 1 Kegel Ben Wa Balls Kit is the best vaginal exerciser for women.

It combines two powerful training tools into one compact device: a Kegel ball and a vibrator. The package includes two physical kegel balls for women’s pelvic floor training and one kegel ball with ten vibration modes. It can help you solve many problems, such as urinary incontinence, painful sex, menstrual cramps, etc. It’s a product that will also make your sexual life more interesting!



  • Reduce the risk of uterine prolapse
  • Prevent urinary leakage, avoid frequent urination
  • Improve your sex life by enhancing penis sensitivity
  • Strengthen pelvic floor muscles for stronger orgasms


  • It’s hard to get out if your vagina is too tight

Purchase Considerations

There is no doubt that vibrating Ben Wa Balls are a great way to spice up your sex life, which many women buy them. There are many things to consider when buying vibrating ben wa balls. These considerations can help you make an informed purchase decision the next time you go shopping for vibrating ben wa balls.


Think about how you plan on using vibrating ben wa balls. Vibrating Ben Wa balls are a great way to spice up your sex life and have fun with your partner. They can be inserted inside the vagina before intercourse, adding extra pleasure for both partners during penetration. They can also be used as a tool for masturbation or even just as a toy by themselves!

These toys are great to use if you want to delay orgasm because they’re designed to stimulate the clitoris. There’s no need for batteries because your body movements power them. As you can see, by identifying your reasons for wanting the vibrating ben wa balls, it’ll be easier to narrow down your selection and work on your taste.


The best material for Ben Wa Balls is medical-grade silicone. It is safe and nonporous, which means it will not harbor bacteria or other germs like jelly rubber might. Suppose you are buying a set of Ben Wa balls to use internally. In that case, we recommend that you purchase a set made from medical-grade silicone, which does not contain phthalates and other toxic substances that can irritate sensitive tissue.


Vibrating Ben Wa Balls come in many different sizes and shapes. Depending on preference, some of the most common balls range from 1 inch in diameter to 2 inches, with or without a retrieval cord. The weight also varies between lightweight balls made of silicone and heavier steel ones.

The length can be anywhere from 3 inches up to 7 inches long, so it’s essential to think about width and length. Find the right size of balls to use so that you don’t hurt your vagina during playtime!

Noise Level

Not all vibrating ben wa balls are created equally–some are louder than others, and some have softer motors that can make less sound when used. You want a model that makes as little noise as possible to not distract from the moment’s pleasure and excitement. Too loud can be distracting and turn you off. Read the customer reviews to understand the noise performance of your desired model.

Brand Name

Apart from all the above, it would be best if you still considered the maker of your desired vibrating ben wa balls. You want to only buy from a reputable company known to sell safe and reliable sex toys. Remember, these are toys that you’ll be inserting into your body. You don’t want something that can jeopardize the health of your vagina.

Price Points

Lastly, there is the price factor. If working on a limited budget, try and find something that vibrates but is also made from safe and waterproof materials. Remember, it doesn’t have to be fancy but practical, and read the customer reviews to ensure it works. If budget isn’t your problem, the best has to meet high-quality standards, and the material has to be safe, waterproof, and highly durable.


Ben wa balls are an ancient sex toy that can strengthen pelvic floor muscles, increase arousal and even help with childbirth. There are many types of ben wa balls on the market today, but it’s important to know what you need before buying. And with this post giving you the top best products to buy and what to consider when purchasing one, there shouldn’t be anything stopping you from purchasing the best vibrating ben wa balls for your needs.

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