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If you have just recently heard of Ben Wa balls or are one of the millions who first learned about them while reading the Fifty Shades of Grey books you may have some questions. Here are some of the most common questions we have been asked by newcomers to the site, we hope this helps get you started!

First, before we dive into the questions you can find some basic overview articles here on the site, the most commonly asked questions are all answered in these two articles.

  1. What are Ben Wa balls
  2. How to Use Ben Wa balls

If you have any questions that aren’t covered here or in the articles linked above we’d love to hear from you. If you’re wondering what the answer to your question is, chances are there are many others out there wondering the same thing so we’d love to get it added to the list below.

Ok, on to the questions.

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What do Ben Wa balls do?

pink ben wa balls

Ben Wa balls are small balls that are inserted in the Vagina and can be used to enhance sexual pleasure or aid with kegel exercises to strengthen the pelvic floor. For more detail see the article What are Ben Wa Balls

What’s the difference between Ben Wa balls and Kegel balls?

Often the difference is just a matter of marketing. Sometimes kegel balls come with adjustable weights or other features that are targeted at kegel exercises more than pleasure. For the most part though the many different names of Ben Wa balls are used interchangeably and essentially mean the same thing or are slight variations of each other. Some of these names include:

  • Ben Wa balls
  • Geisha balls
  • Orgasm balls
  • Love balls
  • Pleasure balls
  • Kegel balls (or Kegal balls)
  • Duotone balls
  • Venus balls

Also, you may see a lot of different spelling’s for Ben Wa balls when searching online, “Ben Wa balls” is the most commonly accepted correct spelling though, other variations you may see include:

  • Benwa balls
  • Ben Wah balls
  • Benwah balls
  • Ben Wha balls
  • Benoit balls
  • Ben woit balls
  • Ben Wall balls
  • Benwall balls
  • Ben Waa balls

How long do you need to use Ben Wa balls to see a change or see results?

Pink vaginal balls on a pink background.

This also depends a lot on the individual and your current strength and health. The only answer I can dependably give is that if you do regular Kegel exercises (with or without Ben Wa balls) you will see results.

Are Kegel balls or Weighted Kegel balls more effective?

Heavier balls may be more effective for advanced users or if you already have strong pelvic-floor muscles when getting started. All balls are “weighted” in the sense that they weigh something of course so what this usually refers to is whether the set comes in very specific weights or the set comes with adjustable weights. If you’re looking for something that you adjust the weights with check out the Lelo Luna Beads, they come with four balls, two different weights, so you can try different combinations.

Do kegel balls work while you’re laying down?

Yes, they’ll work while you’re laying down but if you can do them while sitting or standing instead you’ll have gravity challenging you a bit more to keep them in which can be very productive for strengthening those muscles.

How far in should I insert Ben Wa balls?

It depends on how exactly you want to use them. You don’t have to worry about them going “too far”. If you’re using them to do some kegel exercises then insert them wherever you want to focus that squeeze point. If you’re using them during sex you can put them right up against the cervix or thereabouts.

How to use Ben Wa balls during sex?

First, it’s recommended that you don’t try this until you’re comfortable using them by yourself. You’ll want to get some experience and know what to expect before using them while having intercourse. Once you’re comfortable using them alone, go for it, here are some tips to help you along the way.

  • Put lube on the Ben Wa balls before inserting
  • Start slow, avoid fast movement or pounding. The penis will move the ball around which should be pleasurable for both of you. If it’s uncomfortable at any point stop and remove the balls.
  • When using the balls during sex many women prefer one larger ball rather than multiple smaller balls.

Can you have sex with Ben Wa balls with a retrieval cord?

Yes, it’s possible if the cord is a thin “stringy” kind of cord, but you might not find it very comfortable. The silicone-coated Ben Wa balls tend to have a thicker retrieval cord which should probably be avoided.

Is it ok to use a vibrator and Ben Wa balls at the same time?

Yes, review the suggestions given in the response to How to use Ben Wa balls during sex?

Can Ben Wa balls get stuck?

Temporarily, yes. They can’t go any further into the body than the cervix though so when they do get “stuck” it’s just a matter of staying relaxed and working through the many ways you can remove them until one works.

Can Ben Wa balls get stuck in anus?

Yes, it’s a very bad idea to use them there.

Are you supposed to feel something with the Ben Wa balls inside of you?

Depending on the type of Ben Wa balls you get, your medical history, and your expectations going into the experience you might find yourself underwhelmed by the experience. If you’re expecting something comparable to a vibrator or other sex toy you’ll probably be disappointed. Yes, Ben Wa balls can be used as a sex toy and many women do enjoy that, but keep in mind that their primary benefits are the improved control and strength you build over time which can then result in better sexual experiences and orgasms down the road.

Assuming your expectations are realistic and you’re really not feeling anything while they’re in you might just have the wrong type for your individual circumstances. A 23 year old woman who has never gone through pregnancy or labor is going to have different needs than a 35 year old woman with 5 children. Give this article about the different types of Ben Wa balls a quick read to learn more about choosing the right ones for your circumstances.

How do you keep Ben Wa balls from falling out?

You hold the Ben Wa balls inside of you by tightening the pelvic floor muscles. If you’re having trouble doing this try changing positions, if you’re sitting or standing and having trouble holding them in try laying down instead for while. It may also be the case that you just got a set that is more challenging than you’re ready for. Bigger plastic-based balls are generally easier to start with than the smaller metal balls. Get a set that has a sleeve or attachment so you can attach the pair together and that might help also (depending on the type of attachment).

Do Ben Wa balls prevent tearing during child birth?

There are so many unpredictable variables when it comes to child birth that its impossible to definitively say that if you regularly do kegel exercises with Ben Wa balls you won’t tear. That said, having stronger pelvic and vaginal muscles and better control will help during labor and may help with your recovery after.

Should I use Ben Wa balls after pregnancy?

Assuming you’re through your post-labor recovery period and you’re doctor doesn’t have any concerns with the idea, using Ben Wa balls and doing kegel exercises after pregnancy can help you re-gain elasticity and strengthen your pelvic floor muscles. Take it slow and ease into it, if you feel any discomfort at any point you should bring it to your doctors attention.

Can Ben Wa balls help with a vaginal prolapse?

A vaginal prolapse is when the vaginal wall gets pushed forward by the uterus, bladder or other pelvic organ.

Using Ben Wa balls and / or doing kegel exercises regularly can strengthen the pelvic floor muscles which can help prevent a vaginal prolapse.

Whether they can help an already existing prolapse depends on the severity. You should consult your doctor to assess the severity of the prolapse and discuss your corrective options. Sometimes a prolapse may require surgery to fully fix.

For a lot more detail on the topic consider checking out the book Pelvic Organ Prolapse: The Silent Epidemic.

What are the best Ben Wa ball sizes for incontinence?

If you’re just getting started and haven’t been regularly doing kegel exercises you may want to start with a set of non-metal balls about 1-inch in diameter, we would recommend the same for any beginner regardless of their reason for getting started. See “What are the best Ben Wa balls to start with?” for a specific product recommendation.

Will Ben Wa balls help tighten my vagina?

Doing regular kegel exercises will strengthen your pelvic floor muscles over time and help you tighten up. This is true for most women even without the added bonus of including Ben Wa balls. Ben Wa balls can add an element of focus and fun to your kegel exercises though. The added fun factor can help you to keep doing them consistently on a regular basis and the additional focus during the exercises themselves may help you see faster results.

How hard are Ben Wa balls to use?

This depends a lot on the individual but most women don’t need to worry about them being “too hard” to use. You may only be able to hold them in for a short time at first but you’ll gain strength quickly.

What are the best Ben Wa balls to start with?

I recommend the Lelo Luna Beads to start with because the set comes with four balls of two different weights. They’re made of high quality materials and are reasonably priced. They’re also a good size for beginners but not too big for more advanced users.

Should beginners start with large or small Ben Wa balls?

Larger balls (to a point of course) are easier to hold in than smaller balls so you should start with something on the larger end of the spectrum. Most balls fall into the larger category it seems so this shouldn’t be hard to do, just avoid the very small marble sized metal balls until you’re ready and you should be fine.

Which weight Ben Wa balls are best to start with?

This will depend on the individual but generally lighter balls are easier to hold in when getting started. You may want to buy a set that has multiple weights included when starting out.

How long can you keep Ben Wa balls in?

You should ease into it. Start off working up to five minutes, then ten minutes. If you’re doing active Kegel exercises then ten minutes can be plenty of time. If you’re wearing them while doing other work around the house you will probably be able to go longer. Everyone’s body will react differently though so you don’t want to start off wearing them for hours. Keep it short at first and make sure you don’t have any irritation or soreness after before working up to longer periods of time.

How should I clean Ben Wa balls?

You should always thoroughly clean the balls before and after each use.

Classic style Ben Wa balls that aren’t connected by any kind of string or sheathing are easier to clean than their counterparts. You can run warm / hot water and wash them with anti-bacterial hand-soap or whatever you typically use. Rinse them in the warm soapy water then make sure to get all the soap off of them before drying them and putting them away.

How to clean Ben Wa balls with a string?

Balls connected by a string or some other means are a little more difficult to clean but the process is pretty much the same as above. You just have to spend a little extra time getting around the connection points between the string and each ball and work a little harder to thoroughly clean the extra crevices.

How to clean metal Ben Wa Balls?

Metal Ben Wa balls don’t require any additional care or cleaning steps than any other kind of balls. If anything they’re usually easier to clean than most other types because they can withstand very hot water and are usually perfect spheres with no crevices or imperfections to make cleaning more difficult.

What should I consider when shopping for Ben Wa balls?

There are a lot of really bad products in this market unfortunately and many of them are just as expensive as the good ones. On the other end of the spectrum are the super cheap knock-off’s that are closer to cheap novelties than a legitimate product. It may be tempting to opt for the cheaper option but it’s worth doing your research and buying something you can be happy with over the long term.

Where can I buy Ben Wa balls?

We sponsor some of the best Ben Wa balls on the internet throughout our articles and our site, head on over to our homepage or the shop to get started looking around.

Sometimes you can find them at your local sex shops but a lot of local shops have had a hard time keeping up their stock following the release of Fifty Shades of Grey.

What does “body safe” mean for Ben Wa balls?

Body Safe typically refers to the type of material the Ben Wa balls are made of and to what degree it is safe to put it inside your body. You may see selling points like “Surgical Grade Stainless Steel” for example when looking at the product details of metal Ben Wa balls and the highest quality plastics will also call out their safety qualities.

Keep in mind that there isn’t a standard mandate for communicating this information to the consumer in any particular way. Cheap knock-off’s might be made of safe materials, and they might not be. It’s probably not worth taking the risk, especially considering where you’re planning to put them.

Do gynecologists recommend Ben Wa balls?

Many do, yes.

Can you go to the bathroom with Ben Wa balls in?

Maybe, but I wouldn’t risk it. If you’re using only high quality products (which you should be) then you probably paid a descent amount of money for them, it would suck to lose them down the toilet.

Can Ben Wa balls do damage?

Anything is possible if you buy a poor quality product but if you buy something made of high quality materials you shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Are there any drawbacks to using Ben Wa balls?

Negative health issues resulting from the use of Ben Wa balls are not common and the vast majority of those that do occur can be prevented by keeping them properly cleaned and only using high quality products from reputable sources. Possibly the most common issue would be causing an infection by not properly cleaning the balls before every use.

Can you get an infection using Ben Wa balls?

Yes, of course, you can get an infection putting anything that’s not clean inside your body. There’s nothing special about Ben Wa balls in this regard, if you thoroughly clean them before and after each use your risk of infection is minimal.

Are kegel balls that vibrate safe during pregnancy?

It’s important to only use products that are made of high quality body-safe materials. One problem you might find when shopping for vibrating Ben Wa balls or Kegel balls is that most of the options you’ll find are not high quality. You probably wouldn’t guess it based on how much some shops are charging for these products, but it seems that this particular market is flooded with gimmicky cheap knock-off’s. I think you’re better off going with a high quality bullet vibrator instead.

As with any pregnancy related health decision, consult your doctor before diving in.

Is it bad to keep Ben Wa balls inside for long periods of time?

As long as you’re sticking to products made with high quality materials you shouldn’t have anything to worry about. Everyone is different though and you should test your bodies reaction during and after using them for short periods of time before you start keeping them in longer. What’s considered to be a “long period of time” will vary for each person but I’m assuming you mean hours.

Is wearing Ben Wa balls overnight safe?

See the response for “Is it bad to keep Ben Wa balls inside for long periods of time?”

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